The volleyball major is for campers of all skill levels. Players will be grouped by age, skill, and experience so they can train and be challenged accordingly. Our professional coaching staff will focus on individual skill development, including serving, passing, defense, hitting, blocking, and setting. Team concepts will also be emphasized throughout the the 3 week program. A 4:1 campers/counselor ratio and multiple indoor courts will ensure a drill philosophy that ensures as many touches per camper as possible. Campers will be on the court for 2 sessions daily.

Check out the volleyball court!

Sample Morning Session:

Warm Up Drills:

  • Toss Up Setting
  • Four Sets
  • Butterfly Passing/Serving
  • Queen of the Court
  • Rapid Fire

Skill Stations (6 minute rotations):

  • Defense/Ball Control
  • Attacking
  • Serve/Receive
  • Blocking against Attackers
  • OH Passing/Setting
  • Emergency Defense

Play 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4

Cool Down

Sample Afternoon Session:

Warm-Up Games

  • Touch and Go
  • 7-Up
  • Switch Out
  • Cooperative 6’s

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Play 6 vs. 6 or Double Tournament

Daly Wrap-up