All About Camp

Experience new adventures, make lasting friendships, and bring out your best! At Kents Hill Sports Camp, you can do it all. Kents Hill offers the best of both worlds—a premier sports camp experience, providing girls an opportunity to excel in the sport of their choice, plus all the activities, spirit, and values of a traditional summer camp.

Tennis at Kents Hill Sports Camp

It’s All Here

At Kents Hill, it’s a girls time to shine. With expert instruction, state-of-the-art-facilities, and extraordinary options, Kents Hill gives girls every opportunity to take their skills to the next level and sample new athletic possibilities, all while having more fun than they ever imagined.

We want girls to challenge themselves in their sports and activities, while they are socially engaged in an inclusive environment, allowing them to feel safe, confident, and empowered. We want them to return home with a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem, both on and off the fields.

In our safe, structured, and spirited environment, campers enhance strengths, discover new interests, and develop the best version of themselves. The camaraderie of our Kents Hill community offers a fun and rewarding camp experience that stays with our campers long after the summer ends!

Expert Coaches & Dedicated Staff

Kents Hill Sports Camp’s hand-picked coaches and staff members are selected for their expertise in their particular sport, and for their passion, commitment, and experience working with young children.

We understand that our campers have selected a major they love and strive to improve in. At Kents Hill Sports Camp, all of our major coaches have either been college athletes or coaches on the high school or collegiate level. They bring a next level of instruction that is well planned, organized, and fun! Our coaches will assess each camper’s skills and abilities and set goals for each camper to work on.

While our major coaches do their hard work on the fields or rink, our highly skilled and trained female bunk/dorm counselors live with the girls and are consistently providing support and supervision throughout the day. Our staff is extremely qualified and play the most important role in creating a positive atmosphere for the campers.

Our hiring process is extensive, consisting of an interview, multiple reference checks, background and clearance checks, and multiple conversations to ensure each candidate aligns with the values we promote at Kents Hill Sports Camp. All of our staff members participate in a one week staff orientation prior to campers arrival.
Expert Coaches promote fun and play