Our Dance major is offered in partnership with IDA: Institute of Dance Artistry. Dance majors will take daily classes from professional teaching artists with a focus on building strong dance technique and artistry in a warm, supportive environment.
Our well-rounded program includes classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary/lyrical. In addition to technique classes, dancers will also learn and rehearse choreography to be performed at the dance showcase at the end of the session.

The dance program will build confidence and poise in each dancer as the individual artistry of each is embraced. The dancers will also become a family as they work together as a group and share the rewards of hard work and their common passion for dance.

Dance Camp Choices


Upbeat, fun, stylized movement with many genres including Broadway and commercial

Jazz Dance at Kents Hill Sports Camp


The classical form of dance emphasizing alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, and grace. Ballet is the basis for all other dance styles.

Ballet at Kents Hill Sports Camp


Artistic, athletic, and creative. Modern dance is the style performed on the concert stage by many professional dance companies.

Modern Dance at Kents Hill Sports Camp


Emotional and graceful, contemporary/lyrical tells a story through movement inspired by the music.

Contemporary and Lyrical Dance at Kents Hill Sports Camp