Three weeks is an ideal window of time and opportunity to improve your game and accomplish your goals of becoming a better basketball player. KHSC is a unique, intensive camp experience that blends a 24/7 basketball mindset with hands-on instruction and extra help sessions for highly motivated players who seek to excel.
Kents Hill Sports Camp offers a top-notch basketball curriculum for players of all levels of experience with the game. Whether you are looking to improve your shooting mechanics or become more explosive in the open court, this fun and intense three-week program provides exactly the tools any young player needs. With the help of KHSC’s dedicated and enthusiastic coaches, campers will learn important fundamentals during daily “major” periods, and get plenty of in-game experience through both an intramural league and scheduled games against other camps in the surrounding area. Campers will experience drills and workouts that come straight from Division-1 college practices.

Sample Basketball Schedule

Time Drill Emphasis/Key
9:00-9:10 Circle Ballhandling Good position. Eyes up
9:10-9:20 Dynamic Stretch Concentrate
9:20-9:25 Full Court Stops Triple Threat Position
9:25-9:35 Philly Form Shooting Follow Thru
9:35-9:40 Drink – Break Cups in bucket
9:40-10:00 Skill Stations Pro Hop Finish
10:00-10:10 Shell Defense Principles Ballside/Helpside
10:10-10:25 Team Scrimmages Play Hard
10:25-10:30 Free Throw Conditioning Value Routine