Ice HockeyMajors

Campers who select hockey as their major at Kents Hill Sports Camp are on the ice for at least 13 hours each week. A hockey period consists of a combination of skills, drills, and game play. The difference between us and other camps that offer ice hockey is that we have a rink on-site. This provides campers more ice time, which allows us to offer more in-depth, comprehensive instruction on all facets of the game. All campers have their own locker so all of the equipment stays at the rink. In addition to the hockey periods every day, we also have off ice speed/agility training and hockey inter-camp vs. local camps.
The overall goal for the summer is to make sure each camper is getting the most they can out of their experience. We have worked with hockey players at every level. It is our goal that each camper will have an experience that not only will be fun but also help them develop into the player they hope to someday be.

On-site Hockey Facilities

Kents Hill Sports Camp Hockey Facility

Sample Ice Hockey Schedule


  • Forward Skating instruction
    • Posture
    • Strides, Glides, Recovery
    • Knee bend
    • Upper body movement
  • Drills in Waves
    • Balance
    • Edges
    • Squatting, jumping, hopping, knee drops
    • Sculling
    • C Cuts
  • Competition
    • Races
    • Catching sticks
  • Goalie movement drills


  • Passing & Receiving Instruction
    • Hand positioning
    • Soft hands
    • Weight transfer
    • Spin
    • Reach and follow through
  • Drills
    • 3 Zones
      • Stationary partner passing
      • Circle drills
        • Move and replace, money in the middle etc.
      • Passing with movements and shots
        • Give and go
  • Small game
    • 3×3 keep away both ends


  • Shooting Instruction
    • Hand positioning
    • Weight transfer
    • Push and pull
    • Spin
      • Wrist shot
      • Backhand
      • Snap shot
      • Slap shot
  • Drills
    • 3 Zones/multiple nets
      • Stationary shooting against boards
      • Catch and release shooting
      • Passing with movement and shots
  • Small game

**In order to play Ice Hockey at camp, campers need to select Ice Hockey as their major and bring all necessary equipment with them.**