Soccer majors at Kents Hill Sports Camp have every opportunity to develop and improve their skills in a fun and structured environment. Our soccer majors share the same passion for the sport and are eager to learn. Emphasis is placed on the development of our campers’ core soccer skills (shooting, passing, heading), as well as advanced skill training such as formations, off the ball movement, dribbling moves, juggling and goalie techniques. Our program is based on a mix of instruction and drills followed by games, scrimmages, and challenges against other local camps.
Overall, our job at KHSC is to make sure that the girls leave camp as better, more efficient and confident soccer players while allowing them to enjoy the overall camp experience at the same time.

Sample Soccer Schedule

Period 1

  • 5 minutes – Introductions
  • 10 minutes – Warm up drill, jog around field: High Knees, Open Gate, Close Gate, Groin, Butt Kicks
  • 5 minutes – Stretching circle
  • 10 minutes – Passing Drill: 3 man passing. One touch, two touch, Inside foot, Outside foot, Knee, Headers. Returning ball where it came from.
  • Water break
  • 15 minutes – Shooting drill: Around the cone (look at shooting drills).
  • 10 minutes – 6 v 4: work on movement of the ball around the back, cutting and getting yourself open without the ball, Offense score goal, Defense get the ball out of bounds or gain possession of the ball. Shuffle defenders and offense in and out.
  • 5 minutes – Plyometrics. Cones set up, shuffle, High knees, sprint, backwards. 3 sets a piece.
  • Closing circle

Period 2

  • 5 minutes – Warm up two, Pele Circle
  • 20 minutes – Offense, Defense: 8 v 6: Offense score goals, movement without the ball and lots of talk. Defense, stop goals and get the ball to the other side of the field, out of bounds, or gain possession.
  • 15 minutes – Shooting Drill: Ball in the air. Start about 4 feet away, keep stepping back until you cannot hit the back of the net in the air. The last person is the winner. Go through about 3 times.
  • 10 minutes – Passing: Player in the middle, one on each side. Pass to the player in the middle and return pass outside. Turn and receive then pass back to outside.
  • How do you ladies want to end the day??? We worked hard, we can play some world cup or we can scrimmage, or have a pk shootout, or something else that someone comes up with.
  • 10 minutes – Conditioning: cone circle, go from inside cone to outside back, inside to outside and back. Continue until the end, finish when you have gone through 2 times.
  • Race