Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advance level tennis player, our tennis major is designed to take each campers skills to the next level. Campers will have two periods of tennis each day, focusing on proper swing form and mechanics, footwork, match play strategy, and live-ball drills in the morning. In the afternoon, campers will enjoy individual and team instruction sessions, combined with many games designed to compliment the drill work.
Over the course of 3 weeks, our campers will not only see significant progress in their all-round tennis game, but find themselves having lots of FUN and wanting to continue their training in tennis.

Our teaching professional and college tennis players will provide instruction tailored to each ability level, making sure the campers are challenged and achieving their goals.

Sample Tennis Schedule

Warm up

  • Stretch, preview daily game plan
  • Footwork Cone Drills – including lateral, up and back
  • Mini Tennis Games – doubles cross court, Z-ball, cross and alternate, games to 5 points, rotate volley and ball must bounce
  • Catch & Throw
  • Forehand or Backhand only – includes individual instruction to help each skill level

Stroke Instruction/Strategy of the Day – Forehand

  • Mark the zone – forehand only
  • Climb the ladder – footwork, position properly to the ball, return to the baseline
  • Target practice
  • Offense/Defense – forehand only, includes approach shot
  • Doubles over your head – play out the point
  • Individual instruction to help each skill level


  • Toss and approach – double games to 11
  • King of the court
  • Concentration – 2 v 1
  • First to 101 – extra points for a prolonged rally, ball placement, approach shot, winner


  • Five ball pick-up
  • Baseline race
  • Circuit Rotation – 3 rounds
  • Lateral Cone Slalom
  • The Hex Test
tennis instruction at summer camp